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The worst "spa" or beauty salon I've ever been to. I booked my appointments and they confirmed it by email. When I showed up for my first appointment- they were shut. Then rescheduled after poor apology. Went twice then they told me they couldn't honour my other appointments because they were closed on those days(which THEY initially booked and confirmed!). On second appointment they didn't offer any water to drink, and I also got a massive bruise on my leg due to poor positioning of equipment. You wear a big skirt so can't see in front of you when you get out, yet they have a table directly outside the chamber with a really sharp corner so you step straight into this when they help you out. The worst customer service ever experienced too- after emails to ask for a refund they just blocked the emails and also their website. Sinking ship..... Groupon is investigating them and check other reviews on Tripadvisor for yourself. Avoid!
2 years ago
Staff and ambience of the facilities were great. Enjoyed the well needed massage and look forward to making another booking quite soon .
4 years ago
enjoyable massage didn't see the spa facilities will definitely go again for another treatment, staff very friendly need to do more treatment offers to get the clients through the door as very quiet
4 years ago
Hi - we went this afternoon and this was our second visit. We had a very pleasant time and yes there is a limit to the facilities but we haven't found this to be a negative as if you sit and relax on the very comfortable sofas then an opportunity always arises. The staff are extremely pleasant and the ambience is very relaxing. The only thing I would like to see for our next trip is more aroma in the aromatherapy room :)
4 years ago
Great, safe way of gradual tanning! Builds tAn up nicely after couple of sessions! Recommend using tanning cream for a better tan.
4 years ago
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Klasse Spa
1 Hazel Court
High Hazels Road
Barlborough Links
S43 4FD

Klassé Spa is a new concept in Health, Beauty and Fitness. Our luxurious spa contains some of the world's most exclusive beauty brands and technologies, combined to create the perfect experience for any individual.

Relax in our sumptuous Spa, where Klassé has a full range of Espa treatments to suit any mood, from rejuvenating facials to relaxing massages, invigorating body scrubs to calming holistic treatments.

Visit our stylish Hair Studio for a fresh look, a full consultation on how to get the most from your style, or simply to escape a busy lifestyle, and allow us to pamper you whilst you have your regular Blow Dry.

At Klassé, we deliver a full service for both mind and body, and are proud to announce Klassé Vibe - our state of the art fitness centre. Klassé Vibe uses the latest technologies to deliver the result you want, and our fully trained Fitness Instructors are on hand at all times to guide and advise you.

At Klassé Vibe we are the world's first fitness centre to offer the brand new PowerPlate Pro 6, used by celebrities the world over to achieve body toning and definition.

We have also opened our exclusive HYPOXI® studio, the only one of its kind in the East Midlands. Our HYPOXI® therapists are trained to maximise your potential, through targeted fat burning and weight loss with HYPOXI® vacuum therapy.

Our latest addition to the Klassé offer is our Sun Angel Sunbed. Sun Angel is a fantastic new experience in tanning, offering a safe tan through cutting edge technology, that reads and adjusts to your skin tone. Sun Angel promotes a faster, deeper tan that can be seen in just one session - once you have tried it, you will never go back to a normal Sunbed.

Whatever your needs, whether day to day maintenance treatments from Hair and Nails to Tanning and Waxing, monthly treats from Facials to Massages, targeted fitness and weight loss through our Klassé Vibe studio, or a full pamper in our Day Spa, we are sure that Klassé is the place for you...

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