Hurley Clinic
21 Staplegrove Road

At the Hurley Clinic we are passionate about your health. We take a holistic approach, which means we take a full medical history including lifestyle and personal circumstances. We will then treat the cause as well as the symptoms. Our aim at the '''Hurley Clinic''' is to improve the health and well-being of every person that comes to our clinic. The most common conditions treated by the Hurley Clinic include * Back pain * Headaches * Joint pains * Muscle strains * Neck and shoulder pains * Sporting injuries * Structural problems in pregnancy * Whiplash injuries '''Huw Hurley''' is a registered Osteopath, holding an honours degree in Osteopathy. He is registered with the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) and a member of the British Osteopathic Association (BOA) '''Tattoo Removal''' Not all lasers are the same and not just any laser can safely remove tattoos. The Hurley Clinic in Taunton has the most advanced Q-Switch lasers for tattoo removal. This is the only type of laser that is safe and effective for the removal of tattoos. Our lasers can fade away tattoos of various size and colour.

Your tattoo will be assessed and, in the majority of cases, laser tattoo removal will be recommended. This treatment is for you if: * You wish you never got a tattoo * You are looking to fade a tattoo for a new design * You need to remove a tattoo to help pursue your career

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