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At HAIR SOLVED we are extremely proud to have Lucas Sojka as one of our Managing Directors. Spending years as a senior designer at one of Britain's top hair loss solutions studios - the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy in London - Lucas designed hundreds of bespoke hair integration systems. And, in performing thousands of hair system maintenance treatments and extension applications, he includes a number of celebrities amongst his clients to date.

Lucas' quest for helping women with hair loss problems led him to leave the Lucinda Ellery Consultancy and take a different path. Over the years, he observed that hair loss sufferers had no option but to travel to London to obtain the solution they needed. And to pay London prices! Plus, he determined that significant improvements could be made to existing hair integration treatments. This led him to design his own system, and to create the ultimate non-surgical solution for female hair loss - the Enhancer.

Lucas is determined to make the Enhancer both more widely available and more affordable for those who could really benefit from it. So, together with his business partners, Lucas has established HAIR SOLVED - innovative and highly specialised private studios in Whitefield (Manchester), High Barnet (London) and Glasgow (Scotland).

When it comes to developing a new treatment and making it more easily available, there can be no stronger motivation than personal experience.

Lucas' co-director's wife herself suffers with genetic thinning and, for many years, searched in vain for a solution to a problem which, by affecting her appearance, had an even more devastating effect on her health and personality.

Previously, she felt the only answer was to apply dark masking sprays to her scalp to conceal the hair loss. This only dried out the hair she still had. As a result, she embarked on a long and unsuccessful struggle to find a wig that looked natural.

However, when Lucas applied his hair replacement technique, the Enhancer, it changed her life. She became on the outside the person she'd always been inside. As a result she regained her femininity and rebuilt her confidence.

"And that" she says "is priceless..."

Now she perceives herself once again as glamorous and desirable and, with Lucas' help, she would dearly love to share this revolutionary technique with others with whom she had shared such suffering.

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