G.I.Jane Bootcamp
Scuttington Manor
Dully Road

GI Jane Bootcamp is a residential women only week long course of high intensity physically training. You will be asking your body to do things that you’d never thought possible, and you will be pushing yourself to reach personal goals that you thought were impossible to achieve. You will probably find this to be the most challenging thing you have ever done and likely to do again!

All bootcamps are held in kent

Not for the faint hearted! During your week at GI Jane Bootcamp you will do things that you never thought you could. There will be some activities that will not only push you physically, but also mentally.

Rest assured though, this is not a ladies' prison and no one will force you to do anything that you are truly uncomfortable doing. However, you will be completely amazed at what you actually can personally achieve.

The intensive training schedule has been carefully designed by our military physical trainers and along with our healthy balanced diet, this course cannot fail to kick start you into a totally healthy new way of life and give you a solid foundation of changing your life for good!!

Your training schedule will be action packed in hour long blocks to ensure that you never get bored. Activities may include: boxing, running, power walking, skipping, bike riding, volley ball, net ball, obstacle courses, war games, core training, water activities and many many more…!

GI Jane Bootcamp is designed to change you both mentally and physically, but also you will have fun, and you will find along with the other women who are on the course, you will bond and friendships will be formed. So you will return home with less weight and minus more inches than you would have thought possible. Your eating habits will change due to the carefully designed diet we have devised for you and the nutritional advice that you will have received during your week stay.

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