97 Devonshire Road
W4 2HU

Floatopia is the first floatation therapy centre in west London and it is our aim to introduce an oasis of peace and tranquillity into the lives of its residents. Our centre is purpose built and offers all the amenities necessary to ensure clients get the most from their float experience.

Floatation involves lying on your back on 12 inches of a dense Epsom salt solution. The solution is so dense that you float spontaneously, like a cork, effortlessly. The solution is warmed to skin temperature and the room is insulated against light and sound providing a profoundly restful and stress relieving environment.

Our float rooms are large and airy with a normal door, not a hatch, making it easy for young, old, the able and the less able to get in and out. Each float suite has its own private changing space and shower. Towels and toiletries are provided in each suite so you need bring nothing with you when you visit.

Floatation has many benefits but in its simplest terms it allows the most profound relaxation of both body and mind currently possible. This level of relaxation can increase creativity, improve circulation and boost energy levels, whilst encouraging harmony and homeostasis in the body.

Experiencing weightlessness in the absence of light and sound is such a freeing sensation, that as the senses are rested, old injuries (especially back aches) are relieved and stress drifts away. Epsom salts alone have been linked to easing arthritis, detoxifying the system and improving the condition of the skin and hair.

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