Feet Retreat
277 High Street
B17 9QH

Treat your feet at Feet Retreat and say goodbye to dry flakey skin. Dip your feet into a spa, the fish will tickle and nibble all the dry skin, leaving your feet rejuvenated and smooth. Brand new Fish Spa on Harborne High Street, Birmingham.

Over the past few years the cleansing of the skin in a fish spa has become very popular and fashionable, all natural treatment. These fish have been nibbling dead skin for years, and are excellent for skin conditions such as eczema type diseases and psoriasis.

The welfare of our fish always comes first. the water is checked daily and we have a Tropical Fish expert visit the premises on a regular basis to ensure all is well. The salon will close on the last Sunday of every month for fish care. The fish do not get nourishment from the skin and are fed the correct food on a daily basis.

We also have reflexology, pedicure and massage treatments avaialble and gift vouchers which will make the ideal gift all year round!

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