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6 days ago
I am not a pampering person, but this was a birthday treat during our stay - and what a convert I am. The venue, staff and treatments were wonderful - I have not felt so relaxed in a long time.
2 months ago
I went here with a pal for a spa day. The booking procedure was excellent and the service was superb. The beauticians were skilled and provided perfect massages and facials. Our lunch (paid for additionally) was very good and we received a glass of prosecco after our treatments. My only minor grumble would be the choice of magazines in the relaxing area, which were all food or travel related.
4 months ago
Nice relaxing spa day. I have been before at the weekend. Would recommend mid week booking as quieter.
6 months ago
I purchased a spa deal through as it was my mother's 50th birthday. Quite a big birthday and wasn't sure what else to do. I thought, 5* treatment at a well known hotel would be a great present and when I saw a deal at The Fairmount Hotel in St. Andrews I thought it would be perfect! Was a complete surprise to my mum as I didn't tell her what we were doing just got her in the car and headed for the Hotel. Upon arrival, signs for the carpark were limited, so I dropped Mum off at the main door and told her to go in as we arrived 5 minutes before our appointment at 12.15 so that she didnt miss out on anything while I tried to find the car park. I found the car park after searching the grounds of the hotel, and could not get parked as people with 4x4 has parked across 2 bays, which made it hard for anyone else to park. Finally got parked up and went into the hotel, asked for the spa as again, no signs of direction for the Spa, I asked reception and pointed me in the correct direction. Got to the spa and my mum was awkwardly standing away from any of the staff who were all having a conversation at the reception desk. I said our name (which I spelled correctly on the phone as our Surname can be misinterpreted) and they had us down as Hayley. I have no clue why. So the receptionist said that because I was 4 minutes late my treatment would be cut short. So off we went into get our massage, which I cannot fault, the girl who took me was lovely and polite. As stated my massage was cut short, by 8 minutes, not the 4/5 that I was late by the mess of other peoples parking, the girl said that I was to put my robe on and she would take me along to the 'Relaxation Room'. She had offered me my Procecco, but as I was driving I asked for a glass of water, but could I take the Prosecco as I would give it to my mum I went on to say that I was driving and I couldn't have it, she said 'Oh, you could just have the one, it wouldnt do you any harm, I've done it before' Rather flabbergasted I said 'no, I'll just have a water and give the alcohol to my mum, thanks' When getting a massage you have barely any clothes on, and as I am slightly self-conscious, I didnt feel comfortable leaving the massage room with only the robe that the Spa provided on so I started to put on a pair of legging and t-shirt when then I heard a knock on the door, the girl came in and said 'Are you going to be long, just that I need this room for another client..' I was rather shocked to hear the girl say this, as my treatment was cut short. So the girl took me along to the 'Relaxation Room' which was crowded full with people. My mum was already there looking rather awkward yet again. Baring in mind this was supposed to be a relaxing time for her. She was told the same thing to put the robe on and sit in this crowded room with others that you couldnt even swing a cat in. We both weren't told where the toilets, changing room, swimming pool, sauna or steamroom where. We were just told to sit in there, read magazines and drink the cold tea/coffee and have stale biscuits that weren't in packages. As we were both shocked and appauled at the level of service that a 4*/5* hotel & spa have showen us, we got changed one at a time in the 'Relaxation Room' whilst the other guarded the door to stop anyone coming in when noone was in there then headed for the exit. Whilst chatting to my mum in the 'Relaxation Room' she had mentioned that when she arrived to the spa herself, the staff were all standing behind the reception desk all appearing to have a conversation. She approached the desk and the look that she wass given by the receptionist and the staff, as if she was interruptting their conversation, in turn made her feel very uncomfortable and uneasy before she has even been taken into get her treatment by one of the girls who's conversation she has just 'interrupted'. As a receptionist myself, It is 100% not acceptable to make client/patient/customers feel that way under no circumstances. When leaving we were not asked how our visit was, not small talk, the girl on reception was rather rude & didnt even smile. She asked for my voucher number and i had said that I already quoted it on the phone, she asked for it to marry the booking and voucher together. As I was about to say thanks, the receptionist said 'Yeah so that will be £30 please' I looked confused as I had paid my money to I said 'excuse me but, I've already paid. There should be nothing outstanding' the receptionist said 'Eh actually because you have booked this at the weekend there is a £15 surcharge' My reply was 'Shouldn't I have been told this when I made the booking? Or else I would have made the booking for during the week..' The receptionist's reply was then 'Well you really should have read the terms and conditions of the deal' Shocked and stunned yet again of the rudeness of the receptionist, I had to ask my mum to pay for it as I had no money or bank card. I feel as though we were rushed in, rushed out again by not letting us know where anything was. I have been in touch with and the hotel themselves. Have much fighting and endless emails, I managed to get my money back. They had no intention of giving me back the £30 supplement fee which I was very persistant about and finally managed to retreive. I would have given -5* if i could!!! *** AVOIDDDDDD ***
a year ago
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Fairmont St Andrews
Fairmont St Andrews Scotland
St Andrews Bay
St Andrews
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Escape life's routine by indulging yourself in a fusion of luxurious signature therapies performed using Kerstin Florian products.

Make the Spa at Fairmont St Andrews your own personal haven to relax and be truly pampered. Should you wish to feel completely indulged then our Spa Days will improve your inner and outer health and beauty, while transcending you into a world of sensory heaven, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Whether at a landmark city hotel or surrounded by nature at one of our resorts, a Fairmont Spa package is an experience you won't soon forget.

Please note: From the 10th of March for 2 weeks the Spa at Fairmont St Andrews will have some changes to operation during the refurbishment of the changing rooms. Temporary changing facilities will be in operating within the treatment rooms for treatment guests only.

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