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If you really want the best in Non Surgical Face, Jowl Lifts, Eye Lifts, Face Toning, Baggy eye severe reduction and improvement, acne, skin blemishes, neck tightening, smoother skin, reduction of lines on the chest, increases collagen by 500% therefore smoothing out deep frown lines, wrinkles then you have come to the right place. WHO AM I? I am a FULLY QUALFIED CACI CONSULTANT covering Cheshire and have been fully trained by CACI INTERNATIONAL, LONDON.

I am a fully qualified Stockist for CACI as you will see if you look at local stockists on their website caciinternational.co.uk. WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO BE OFFICIALLY TRAINED BY CACI INTERNATIONAL, LONDON? It is extremely important that therapists, consultants offering CACI treatments are fully qualified to operate the machine itself and understand the procedures involved in carrying out complex treatments on the face and body.

Just ask for proof as well that the therapist has a CACI Qualification on the treatment that is being offered. Each therpist offering this service should have their own certificate and not be cross trained within the salon. WHAT CLIENTS USE CACI? I have an extensive list of clientelle ranging from mums, teenagers with acne, people suffering from bells palsy and people who have had strokes which has left muscles relaxed on the face, celebrities and models. All cases are dealt with individually and the treatments are customised to suit each persons requirements to gain the most results from the treatment. Confidentiality is always a top priority. Parking is very private so you can come and go without people noticing what you are doing.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT? All of my clients are amazed with the results that they have received and also always comment on how relaxing the treatments are that I give them. I have received lots of referrals from other local beauty salons where clients are amazed by the contrast in the results that I provide and the comfortable experience that they have whilst having their CACI treatments. DOES IT HURT? Some clients have experienced from their other beauticians no visual difference in their CACI treatments, some even commenting on having a painful experience. This is definitely not correct and all of my treatments are pain free as I am a very experienced qualified CACI professional.

MY PROMISE TO YOU? I promise to deliver to you the very best CACI non surgical treatment that you have ever received. Your first treatment can be paid as a one off payment. It is recommended to have 10-12 sessions however I work on the principle that if you want 10-12 sessions then that is fine if your budget does not fit that then pay me each an every time you want to have a CACI treatment. I will give you a very honest appraisal of your skin and advise on how many sessions you should have.

WHAT SHOULD I EXPECT FROM THE RESULTS? From the moment that you have your first treatment you and your friends will notice a change in your appearance, your skin will appear brighter, tighter and lifted. The painless microcurrent that CACI non surgical treatments use, deeply penetrates and concentrates on the muscles thus lifting the muscles and re-educating them to work effectively. This system is the only system in the world that currently offers this depth of muscle penetration, and tightening I CURRENTLY USE CRYSTAL CLEAR FOR MY DERMABRASION DOES CACI OFFER THIS? Yes! Not all the CACI machines do but I have the very latest CACI machine on the market its the same machine that Jennifer Lopez and Madonna use and it gives very quick results. The microdermabrasion offered via CACI is far more advanced than the Crystal clear and does not suck on the skin and blast the skin with cystals. Instead, the rotary microdermabrasion head can be intelligentty altered via its speed on the face and neck and also the type of microdermabrasion from fine tips, medium tips to coarse tips depending on your skin type. CAN I GO IMMEDIATELY OUT AFTER THE TREATMENT? Yes. If you have had the microdermabrasion I would recommend a sun protector on the skin of a minimum of 25 SPH plus also to avoid putting on make up for a couple of hours. You may fiind that your face is pink from the treatment and this just may be in certain areas of the face, this is absolutely normal as the microcurrent is increasing the blood flow to the cells within the face to give it a much more youthful complexion.

DOES IT HURT? Absolutely not! A lot of my clients actually fall asleep CONSULTATION Please ring me to discuss further. A consent form is completed upon arrival together with an assessment of your skin and above all what you want to achieve from the CACI treatments. Then you just lay back and relax, enjoy. CACI is just like a work out for the face just like we would go to the gym and work out our body. The more we exercise the better the results! If you already have CACI treatments why not just have one with me and see the real difference that I can make!

My promise to you!

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