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Professional, skillful and talented. A very pleasant experience. Natural result, procedure done in 30 minutes. No pain at all.
3 months ago
This was my second visit and I am very happy and satisfied with the results. Dr Anita is super friendly, professional and always one step ahead with treatments and advice she offers. I will 100% be back.
2 years ago
It is important for me to know that I am receiving a professional service, along with professional medical qualifications Anita offers a wonderfully friendly attitude that set me at ease immediately, her conservative approach and the promise from her to ensure that I can evaluate my results and return to make sure that I am happy with them, gave me the confidence to try Botox for the first time, without the fear of drastic changes to my face that might have looked unnatural. (I am male, by the way :-) )
4 years ago
Visiting DK Medical Aesthetics was a wonderful experience - extremely clean and fresh looking venue, great whiteness of the examination room left me confident that I have found perfect place for my dreams to trust someone with my face. Next thing that confirmed that I was right to have the intervention there was dr Anita Kovacic, consultant anaesthetist whose competent and full counselling left me without any need to ask further questions about the botox of the whole face that I came for and professionalism with which she gave the information od what to expect was excellent. When she started the intervention, I was very happy that I felt absolutely no pain, and it was actually felt that she has done many, many much more complicated things thatn my botox, therefore i could expect the best result. When we finshed I asked about the top up, if needed, and I was very impressed since she told me that there is the two week FREE top up opportuniity. No top up was needed, though, since I had almost immediate result - I looked absolutely fabolous after three days - and dr Kovačić told me that that is the period when to expect the best results. There is no "frozen face" which I had experienced with my previous intervenctions - my face looks younger, toned and moves normally - I wanted my expressions saved without the ugly ines - and I have achieved exactly that! I am extremely happy with dr Kovacic and will recommend her to all my friends, since she is the first doctor to give me what I wanted - great results, no pain and fantastic interaction. Plus, the prices are great!
Aleksandra Novakov Mikic
4 years ago
I am very happy with my experiences at this practice. Having a trained doctor who has a deeper understanding of the procedure left me very confident in the procedure and even more happy with the results. I have had nothing but positive comments about the results.
4 years ago
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DK Medical Aesthetics
Unit 6 Kimberley Court
Kimberley Road

Medical Aesthetics Consultancy, London, specialising in cosmetic injectables and filler facial treatments.

Confidently place yourself in the hands of a Registered Medical Practitioner for a wrinkle treatment and dermal fillers.

Dr Anita Kovacic is a Consultant Anaesthetist with 15 years experience in UK and South Africa, working with small children as well as with adult patients. She has a wide interest in beauty and has been working with plastic surgeons as well as beauticians on many occasins.

Dr Anita has been regarded extremely aesthetic and fashion aware and has a clear understanding of beauty business besides being very comfortable with equipment used in these types of procedures.

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