Dana Massage
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A uniquely relaxing yet energizing way to achieve balance and healing

Traditional Thai massage is a dynamic yet comparatively little-known form of bodywork that combines elements of acupressure, This therapy has benefits for anyone-young or old, active or inactive, healthy or not. it stretches the muscles, increases the joints' range of motion, and balances the flow of energy throughout the body to promote healing and well-being.

It is a complete guide to an ancient practice that benefits body, mind, and spirit. The purpose of my massage is to bring the body, mind, and spirit into a state of balance and harmony, providing an opportunity for self-healing. Connection, paying attention to the Four States of Mind: loving kindness, compassion, vicarious joy, and equanimity.

The benefits enjoyed from a Thai massage session may include the following: relief from stress, deep relaxation, warmed and stretched muscles, healing energy flow, greater flexibility, increased and focused energy levels, prevention of injury, relief from sore and aching muscles and joints, detoxification, and a feeling of confidence and well-being.

My Technique

With many years experiences and well trained. I create my own technique by using the varieties technique from different form of massage and from different places that I have been worked during my career to become my own to help my client in difference need to improve their health.

With the combination of many techniques including using yoga method to designed and to create total relaxation, surrender and high states of deep pressure and awareness.

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