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Hi, I agree with all the reviews posted here. If you set your expectations right and are there more for the actual massage rather than extensive spa facilities, this is the place to go. As they don't often do those extremely cheap promotions, it's very seldom that you get more than the average 1 or 2 hotel guests down there so you do get a feeling that the changing area and the steam room are exclusively for you only. For the ladies, the steam room is seperate and in the ladies changing area which means you don't have to wear a swimming costume. Some of the other spas you have to because it's shared and that is a pain. I've become a regular here for my massages and I pay full price for them but they are really worth it if you are looking for a relaxing yet different massage. Go for their Signature massage. You won't be disappointed. Or their Signature Package which comprises a facial, massage, lunch or afternoon tea and the gift bag are all full-size products that are basically free if you work out all the individual costs of the facial, massage and afternoon tea or lunch already adds up to £175. The products given in the gift bag are worth about £80 alone, I know because I've use their products at home.
7 years ago
The actual spa is very small but massage is wonderful. A friend and I went to do their signature massage and were asked to chose our scents, followed by a one hour very good massage. After the massage you are served a yummy ginger lemon tea from the neighbouring Nobu restaurant - an excellent wrap up. Warmly recommend them for massages.
8 years ago
I went to the Metropolitan with my friend for como shambhala ritual package. for 175 per peson, you get one hour facial and one hour massage. refreshment tea, goodie bag and lunch. the place ( metropolitan hotel) is trendy and cosy, but we were a bit disappointed about the size of the como shambhala. It was basically two treament rooms plus changing rooms ( with wc, shower, and stream room inside ) there is no fancy "spa facilities" , but overall we didn't feel too bad about the decoration. we arrived on time, and greeted by our therapists, they were friendly and easy to talk to. The treament room itself was relexing and clean, with classical music in the background, just occationally you might hear people walking through the gym or talking ( gym is right next to the treament rooms). the massage was firm and spot on, she used her hands and then heated herbal bag ( rolling up like a huge tea bag) to massage, it was very very good, not sure if everyone'd like the smell of chinese herb but it works for me. the facial massage was good, but i didn't really like the products, it's holistic facial , so if you are expecting extraction, stream or machine assistant then you might be disappointed. honestly, I felt like been applied thousand layers on my face, but with the herbal tea bag massage, ( including head massage) I didn't really mind the product in the end. After we finished our treaments, we went down to the hotel bar to have our lunch which was including in our package, it was suprisingly nice , the portion size was very good, but drinks were not included. The goodie bag from como shambhala was very good as well, it looks like proper gift instead of small travel size make up bag. Apart from the fact that we weren't offer the refreshment tea ( should be included in our package) , and slightly different expectation about the size and facilities, the experience was pretty good, and it's not money wasted. It would be a good treat for special occation, but not someone who is looking for regular or in depth beauty treament.
8 years ago
I enjoyed the Como Shambala purify facial, which i loved. The treatment was relaxing and energising at the same time. The ginger and honey tea will cure any ailment, it is their own special recipe, which certainly clears all passages. The facility may be small but it is clean, serene and has everything you need for a time out. There'll be no crowds, no loud groups, an absolute must for some pure alone time. My therapist was excellent and knowlegable, she knew when to talk and when to keep quiet to allow me some peace. I even used their products at home, which instantly rejuvenated my tired dehydrated skin. Highly recommend it.
8 years ago
My wife and I just got back from Como Shambhala at the Metropolitan Hotel and I have to say it was great. I have been a big fan of the Como chain and find the quality of the therapists to be really amazing -- the Metropolitan didn't let me down. The location is very central but be warned, the facility itself is really basic -- two simple treatment rooms on the ground floor of the hotel. But simple is not bad. There are comfortable robes, a good changing room, a warm and comfortable massage table, good music, and simple lighting. I had the Como Shambhala massage with Theresa which is not a deep tissue massage but is extremely relaxing full body massage. The therapist offers you a choice of great oils each of which is tailored to give you different benefits. Afterwards, I took advantage of the steam room which is quite spacious and since there was no one else there you felt like you had the place to yourself which is always a treat. Don't go here if you are looking to be wowed by design, overwhelmed by experience showers or just want to hang in fancy pool... this place is about great treatments plain and simple. I really wish more places would take a page out of Como and focus less on the decor and more on the treatments.
9 years ago
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COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at Metropolitan London Hotel
Metropolitan London Hotel by COMO
19 Old Park Lane

COMO Shambhala follows a healthy living philosophy that takes its inspiration from mythological roots: in ancient Buddhist texts, 'Shambhala' refers to a sacred place of bliss. COMO Shambhala proposes that such tranquillity need not to be found in any specific location but with the right tools, it can be discovered within oneself, by exploring body, mind and spirit. We embrace lifelong learning and development, our company never wanting to be everything to everybody, but instead offering only the very best to an exacting few. COMO Shambhala Urban Escape at The Metropolitan by COMO, London is our holistic wellness centre where we treat mind, body and spirit with Asian-inspired therapies in central London. This includes deep tissue massage, emotionally rebalancing holistic techniques and facials for restorative skincare, our results-driven approach is delivered by true specialists. We focus on the best possible therapies while the sleek, minimalist interior ensures a clean-lined, peaceful sanctuary for those looking to escape the pressures of city life. There are six treatment rooms, two of which are doubles. One double and single treatment room have private steam facilities. Our gym is open 24 hours. We also sell COMO Shambhala products in our boutique .

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