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The head massage was incredible - felt really light after and it helped with a lot of head tension. Would recommend!
Sophie Gibbin
2 days ago
I have made a habit of going about once a month to Ben as regular massages are helping me to cope better with back pain I've been experiencing for a while. He really personalises the treatment for me which I enjoy-I have a bit of a mix of deep tissue and Swedish which is great!
Rebecca S
3 days ago
Ben understands very well what your body needs and adjusts the message in order to give you the best benefits. In my case since I work with a laptop every day he has identified few issues with my neck and back without underestimating the minor issues on my legs. He is focused to get results for you.
5 days ago
Can not recommend Ben highly enough.Very confused by the review that mentions noise. Apart from being the best massage therapist I have ever been to, one of the great things about his home is the peace & quiet. It is such a relaxing space you could hear a pin drop! Add in his own special blends of oils and I don't believe you'll find a better massage, not just in London but probably the whole country!
Holly Wilkins
7 days ago
Ben was absolutely lovely, very good chat to start. Massage was nice and helped with my tensions. Unfortunately, the ambience was at times a bit loud because of outside and nieughbours noises (all out of Ben's control, and he apologised for that!). Overall, good value for money and nice experience!
12 days ago
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BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy
25 Leysdown
3 Malden Road

BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy was founded after many years of experience in the health and beauty sector, and provides holistic therapies, lifestyle and wellbeing services to clients within London. We are located between Kentish Town, Camden Town and Hampstead.

We provide clients with a professional massage and holistic therapy service, working from a fully equipped home studio in the heart of leafy North West London. Alternatively, we can visit your home or hotel, instantly creating a harmonious spa atmosphere. Our aim is to allow clients to relax and unwind, and leave feeling revitalised.

Each service is bespoke, and tailored to suit every clients individual needs, bringing your mind, body and soul into harmony. BodyWorks, Fitness & Massage Therapy is managed by Ben Wise-Fowler, who has been working in the Health and Beauty industry for many years.

Having previously worked for The Urban Retreat at Harrods, and the International Institute for Anti Ageing, Ben has a wealth of experience and knowledge within the industry.

Utilising the skills and knowledge gained from the health and wellbeing industry over the past five years, we take a professional approach to holistic therapy, are qualified to a high standard, and are used to delivering a five star service to each and every client.

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