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Being in my Late 30s - I was beginning to feel extremely concerned about my face looking aged! Although having a strict cleaning, toning and moisturising regime I felt I needed something extra to improve the texture on my face. Having read about the "Dermapen" The most advanced Non surgical cosmetic treatment,I decided to go for it ! The Dr at Bodylines doing the treatment explained clearly what it was and how it worked and the benefits. She made me feel extremely confortable and relaxed. Outcome: Totally amazing. Just 48 hrs later my skin felt like it had it's bounce back again, Even without any make up it looked flawless. I can only imagine what it would look like and how I will feel after the recommended 4 treatments! And the great thing is people noticed and said "your face is glowing" what have you been doing???? I highly recommend the Dermapen treatment at Bodylines for anyone who wants Flawless younger looking skin or for anyone who would like to correct any facial imperfections!
I thought I was going to have scars for LIFE... I am 30 years old and have suffered from acne since my teens. It has been a cycle of "pick, figure out a way to cover it up, then worry about the scars that I may have created, try to treat the scars” and so on. There have been times when I have thought to myself "there is no way my skin will ever recover from this..... i have scars for life. HOWEVER, I now have some hope with micro-needling. I have done 2 Skin Pen treatments over the 3 months at Bodylines Skin Clinic in Romford.... the first time, I asked that they only do my forehead because I was a bit worried that the procedure may make my skin worse, and I wanted to see how I would respond to it. Also, my forehead was the WORST part of my face - i felt like I had to always hide behind my fringe. There was this one area that I had picked so badly… when it healed it left this sort of raised area above my right eyebrow about the size of a penny. it looked like I constantly had a slight crease on my forehead between my brows. I really hated it and would always try to pick at it thinking that maybe I could get it to flatten it out (I know, I am crazy.) it just looked really bad... Anyway, so the first session, I did forehead only. The staff at Bodylines were really friendly and made me feel at ease right from the first moment. The doctor took her time to listen to me and really hear my concerns, she explained the whole process really well (wish my GP was like that!). She began by numbing the area with cream and after about 20 mins once I was numbed, she went over the area for about 15 minutes. I did feel some slight pricking but it wasn't anything I couldn't tolerate - after years of picking, you get used to the pain. There was slight redness immediately after but this went away within minutes. BEYOND MY EXPECTATION! I must admit that the result that i saw as my skin started to heal over the coming weeks was beyond what I had expected. For the first time in my life I could see a real improvement and that forehead line i had been battling was finally flattening out. After the second treatment the skin on my forehead was looking better and better over time, and I was actually starting to wear my hair back up again. This is what gave me the confidence to have the treatment for my whole face as the second area i wanted to improve was directly below my cheeks. Bottom line: I do recommend the skin pen treatment at Bodylines!!!! Oh I nearly forgot, the clinic offered some really good advice and tips on how I could go on looking after my skin at home - NOT WITH ££EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS! Just really good advice about diet and how to really improve my skin and take care of it.
I used Body lines for dermal fillers. It was an extremely professional service and the doctor took time to take me through the procedure and answer my questions. Would use Bodylines again, and would recommend the service again.
I had micro needling treatment done by Aneesha. I'm very happy with the treatment my skin is glowing. I highly recommend this treatment
I had a really good experience at Bodylines Skin Clinic, the doctor was professional, friendly and comforting as I was quite nervous about my treatment! I'm really happy with the outcome and would definitely go back and recommend to others.