Clinic Central, 10-12 Gaskin Street, London, Tube : angel / Islington, N1 2RY

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Great, thank you!
Very relaxing, grounding and centring
Valerie's postnatal massage was very good; enjoyable and great for releasing tension. It was a combination of recovery and relaxation massage and foot reflexology. If you want to treat yourself (as well as work on post natal 'issues'), go! Highly recommended.
A private session with Valerie is a kind of miracle... Valerie is a "body whisperer". A session with her is a bubble of privacy, a moment out of time when you connect with your body, with yourself. Valérie reads your body as no one. She sees through your body to reveal your qualities and heal your energy. She is attentive, professional, open-minded, respectful, she listens to you, your emotions and your body. It is the perfect way to feel better and to work on your body. She makes you access through exercises and massages to well being, and to a better yourself. Or more exactly, your true self. Thank you so much Valerie!
After only a couple of minutes into my very first appointment with Valérie Schraauwers at BodyAwareness she had already told me an incredible amount of things about my body and my life by just "reading" my foot soles, and she was right on the money. I was completely amazed at how she could know all that she had just told me about myself through just feeling my foot soles. The specific conscious breathing techniques she then guided me through helped me release so much stress and traumas from my body that it was almost unbelievable. Ever since that first appointment she's taught me many more of her unique and very beneficial exercises and how to care for my body in a very different way than what I'm used to, which has helped me rediscover and rebalance so many things about myself, both on a physical as well as on an emotional level. I can highly recommend all of Valérie's types of treatments and workshops, she and her techniques are truly one of a kind and of the highest quality!
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Founder and Body Awareness Therapist


Yoga & Pilates
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Body Awareness - Islington at Body Awareness Centre
Clinic Central
10-12 Gaskin Street
Tube : angel / Islington
N1 2RY

Body Awareness is a therapy and massage clinic based in Islington, North London. Owner, Valerie is a qualified body therapist, certified somatic education coach and fertility massage practitioner. Valerie and her talented team of therapists offer a wide range of services to improve self awareness and body-mind connection. Calm and reassuring, the staff have infectious positive energy. They're passionate about their work and inspire you to live your life with a greater understanding of yourself and your body. Helping you to relax, rediscover and rebalance your mind and body both on a physical and emotional level, it’s the perfect place to reconnect with yourself, reveal your qualities and heal your energy. Professional, kind and open minded, Valerie and the team promise to make you feel reawakened and entirely satisfied.


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