Body & Soul Zone Health & Beauty
21 Bond Street
Ealing Broadway
W5 5AP

Body&Soul Zone is a private practice offering colonic irrigation/colonic hydrotherapy in a clean and relaxing environment carried out by a qualified therapist.

The equipment that we use, allows you to operate the colonic system in privacy while regulated by a therapist.

The therapist trained with the International Association I-ACT in London in odder to become qualified Colon Hydrotherapist and had further training at the Tiller Mind Body Institute in USA (Texas).

Feeling irritable, low in energy, exhausted, sensitive, sluggish, stressed, having problems sleeping? These signs and many more may mean that your body is in need of a detox. Due to modern lifestyles we are exposed to stress, processed/refined foods and other factors that build up toxins in our bodies that make us unhealthy and cause health problems. Regular detoxifying helps prevent these problems. Colonic irrigation can play a vital role in doing this.

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