Bluebird Bliss
Covering North Somerset and South Bristol
BS25 1AS

'''Treat yourself to some Bluebird Bliss. ''' Trained in London, Bluebird Bliss' reiki infused yoga teaching will leave you feeling that you have oiled your joints, energised, relaxed and de-stressed; a work out for both body and mind. Although I run dynamic, '''freestyle vinyasa yoga classes''', I also work with adults, teens and older children of all abilities including those with '''special needs'''. '''Reiki''' treatments are an amazing way of rebalancing your life force energy to overcome illness both mental and physical, particularly for clients who prefer not to be touched and sessions can be offered in person or over distance. Indian Head Massage has been used for hundreds of years to help boost overall health and wellbeing and lower levels of stress. My luxurious massages take one hour working on the whole body system in the original, ancient tradition. '''Bluebird Bliss is a mobile service''', travelling within an hour of Winscombe (near Cheddar) to help you find your bliss and has a pop up treatment room to bring to your home or workplace offering everything from private healing to office yoga.

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