Birmingham Hypnotherapy Clinic
Guildhall Buildings
Navigation Street
B2 4BT

We all have some invisible barriers which have been created in our psyche while growing up. Our mind is the most complicated part of our body, yet we go to see the doctor when our body is unwell but we do nothing when we are emotionally unwell. It is now time to assist our intellect that makes us who we are. After all what is the most important thing in your life? Hypnosis is a natural state which when used with hypnotherapy can help you make positive changes in your life. Hypnosis and hypnotherapy has been misunderstood for many years from people who do not understand how it works. Hypnosis is like daydreaming and what happens during hypnosis and hypnotherapy is very normal, certainly non-magical, with generally predictable results. If you are looking for help via hypnosis or hypnotherapy for issues such as stop smoking, anxiety, stress, fear, phobia, life and past life regression, weight management (weight loss) or with any psychological issues Birmingham Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you. In addition to hypnosis and hypnotherapy Birmingham Hypnotherapy Clinic uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming methods, relaxation, visualisation techniques and many more.

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