Bedruthan Hotel & Spa
Mawgan Porth

Bedruthan Spa is evolving. Over the past year, we’ve been getting to know some amazing new specialist skin care, spa product and treatment creators, as well as refining our own therapies and developing our team of therapists.

For you, the harvest of all this behind-the-scenes hard work is that you can now enjoy the luxury and purity of Ila skincare here at Bedruthan, as well as a more specialist team of therapists and more authentic holistic treatments that really nurture your wellbeing.

We’re so excited to be working with Ila, as the company shares our ‘beyond organic’ stance and philosophy that beauty and wellbeing come from within. What’s more, our handpicked team of holistic therapists - many of whom have lived and trained in Asia and India - all now have the ability to work with you as the individual you are - expertly assessing your wellbeing needs and offering you a truly bespoke therapy that really will make a difference to how you feel.

Our spa facilities include a a deep and luxurious hydro spa pool, a cedar sauna, eucalyptus steam room and lavender caldarium with an amazing swimming pool.

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