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I am a big fan of spa procedures which based on simple and organic ingredients , so discovering Banya No.1 was a pleasure for me. I ordered a package for me and my friend, and I especially enjoyed the parenie and salt and honey scrub, my skin felt so flawless after.
3 years ago
Banya No. 1 was a truly unique experience and one everyone should encounter. The staff are professional yet friendly and enjoy sharing the Parenie experience with newcomers. I left feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised, I'm already spreading the word and planning my next visit. Thank you!!
3 years ago
Very nice place, good atmosphere, 1L pot of tea £5 was a bit too much for I did not finish it. Will consider coming back with friends. Massage with salt and honey was very good, totally recommend this treatment.
3 years ago
I enjoyed it. You have to learn how the Russians do it, in order to get the maximun from the russian spa procedure.
4 years ago
The atmosphere is great, authenticity at its best, great food too and attention to detail. The sauna and cold dip are a must!
4 years ago


Banya No.1 - Russian Banya Experience
Unit B01
17 Micawber Street
N1 7TB

Banya No.1 is the one and only authentic Russian Banya in London. Spacious steam room with unique original stove, plunge pool with icy-cold water for the temperature contrast and a fully licensed lounge bar with private booths where the guests can relax and sample typical Russian snacks, from pickled gherkins to caviar.

It is a great place to dive into health and wellness with a variety of authentic invigorating treatments, such as birch & oak leaves thermal massage, organic scrubs and mud wraps. All of the ingredients are natural and the preparations are made on the premises.

According to trendspotters at Condé Nast Traveller UK, Russian banya's are poised to be the next big, mainstream spa trend currently gaining steady popularity across Europe.

Banya is also a social experience – there are mixed sessions for men and women, as well as male or female only days. Your party can sit and socialise in the lounge in between treatments and visits to the steam room.

So what makes Banya the unique spa experience?

The essential elements of Banya are hot, in the form of an ultra-heated steam, and cold, in the form of an icy cold plunge pool.

The steam room is around 70С, but crucially, around 65-70% humidity. Unlike an average common sauna, this gives you intense heat, but without the dryness. This is thanks to the Banya No.1 pride and joy, the stove, that consists of rows of heated cust iron. The high temperature and high pressure inside the stove cause the water to evaporate into miniscule steam droplets. This provides you with the perfect balance of heat and moisture.

The plunge pool is a chilling 7-10 degrees to counteract the heat of the steam room. Alternatively there are wall mounted and plumbed in oak buckets on a twine pull-rope. Close your eyes, breath in, pull the rope and you are drenched in ice-cold water. The sudden change of temperature has a highly beneficial effect on the body – all toxins are released, and a feeling of relief and tingling lightness follows shortly after.

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