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I came here a month ago and had a full body massage with a lovely therapist. After telling her my back was my main concern, she left the room to let me get comfortable. whilst the massage was okay, my only little nags would be that the room could have been warmer and there was no towel put on me to cover myself-I was very cold and felt a little bit exposed considering I was having full body massage it would have been nice to cover the areas that weren't being focused on to increase comfort. I've read reviews which say massage is good depending on who you get; and i think this was the case this time round. regardless I would come back.
a year ago
The massages here are ok, but that really depends on who you get. The staff look miserable and will quite happily talk amongst themselves and moan about the business. Not really what you want when you go there for a nice break. My biggest dissatisfaction with this place is that it isn't actually Ayurvedic. The staff don't behave in an Ayurvedic way. they don't show any warmth, they don't know anything about their products. Also, the food they serve isn't in keeping with Ayurvedic principles. If you really want Ayurveda, then go elsewhere.
2 years ago
Can't comment on the Beauty and spa treatments although the staff seem customer focused? Coffee is good and so is the food. However the girl serving coffee is generally bad mannored although she seems to be OK if she knows you! Last visit there was appallingly bad. I only had two coffee's and both times I was forgotten. Money taken then left as everyone else behind me came first. But no appology, just rudely told : one minute...a great place to visit, if the staff like you? But selective customer service isn't my cup of tea!
2 years ago
I recently visited the Spa and was totally impressed by the professionalism and friendliness of staff. The quality of the treatments was EXCELLENT...I had waxing, eyebrows and a wonderful back massage...all done fabulously by an experienced and really lovely therapist. The treatment room was beautiful and welcoming. Will be back for more soon. Sarah
2 years ago
2 years ago
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Ayurveda Pura Health Spa & Beauty Centre
Ayurveda Pura
48 Newton Lodge
SE10 0BA

Located on the Greenwich Peninsula, Ayurveda Pura Spa's Health Spa & Beauty Centre offers a variety of massages and facials inspired by Indian Ayurveda traditions and principles. All treatments use the all-natural and certified organic Holistic Essentials' Ayurvedic cosmetic range, designed by the spa’s founder - Dr Deepa Apte.

Treatments are intended to bring you back to a state of easy balance, wellness and vibrancy - refreshed and revitalised from the inside out. They’re delivered and matched to your body type by qualified, attentive practitioners.

This is a luxurious, purpose-built spa. It comprises four treatment rooms, two shower rooms, a yoga studio and a health café. It is also home to the Ayurveda Pura Academy, which offers world-renowned therapist training. It won the Spa of the Year category in The English Hair and Beauty Awards 2013.

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