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Lovely haircut and lovely staff, made me feel very comfortable. Thank you to Shalu for my haircut, she knew exactly what I wanted. Very pleased.
2 days ago
I was very happy with the service at Anuyu. We were attended to by Pinky and her collegue who were very friendly and efficient.
8 days ago
It was good, I was expecting a bit more a professional service maybe
15 days ago
I went there after being accused by a chick from Mary Hair Salon that I had cancelled my hair appointment and that I had left her a voice message when I did nothing of that sort. I never called her?? I'm still confused and immensely dissapointed by her. But anyways, I was bummed because I took two days off from work just so I could get a Brazilian blow dry and a cut. So I called anuyu up, they booked an appointment right away and I am glad that I went there and not Mary Hair Salon. As soon as I entered the salon, Shalu and Sonia were so nice and friendly. They made me feel right at home. They offered me drinks, gave me the most comfortable chair and made me feel like I was a V.I.P even though I was going there for the very first time. They kept on asking me if I was comfortable, gave me their protective glasswear because my eyes were irritated from the hair solution, suggested and gave me the most bomb haircut of all time, all while having beautiful smiles on their face. All in all, I would like to say that this is a very good hair salon. I am more than happy with the outcome. Shalu is an amazing, lively, and a lovely lady. She is the one who worked on my hair and I'd like to say she's the heart of the salon. Sonia is a very sweet and humble girl. They have been around for a lonngg time, more than 20 years if I'm not mistaken and they know how to do their business with an excellent customer service. Will recommend a 100%.
Prayashna Rai
17 days ago
Very nice and friendly staff but I am disappointing about pedicure. I was asked what I want I said straight cut on nails, but she said that she can't do this on my nail because its to thin. Ok, so how my normally beautician can do this? She never got problem... Then I was asked about color, I was suprised that they don't have basic color like black, white etc I am also ask her about uv lamp, that "you will using uv lamp" and she said yes. But she don't used it later. In consequences after 1 h from treatment nail polish washed away from three fingers !! So now I need spend another £20 for more professional pedicure.
a month ago
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Anuyu Hair & Beauty Salon
126a Hanworth Road

Situated next to the Treaty Shopping Centre in Hounslow is Anuyu Hair & Beauty Salon. Located just a short walk from Hounslow Central station, this all-encompassing salon offers professional treatments at affordable prices.

Their modern interior is bright and spacious, giving you the freedom to indulge in all they have to offer. Services include waxing, facials, highlights and nails, performed by a team of handpicked stylists and beauticians who know the importance of individual beauty. Blending creative flair with your own personal sense of style, Anuyu Hair & Beauty Salon create a look that is uniquely you.

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