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I have moved to Manchester and I was going back to Wales to have botox done with my friend/nurse who did my Botox. I was so pleased when I met Dr Mustafa through work (I'm a dental nurse) as I was worried about switching to someone new for treatment. Dr Mustafa is highly qualified in his field and completely puts you at ease if your nervous about treatment. I had the wrinkles around my eyes done, within a week you could see the wrinkles had gone. I looked fresher and my make up looked better. I would highly recommend Dr Mustafa for treatment especially if your nervous and want to make sure your having your treatment with someone who is experienced and from a medical background. I will be having three areas next visit. My friends have been for lip enhancement they were also pleased and it looked very natural.
a year ago
I absolutely cannot recommend Dr. Mustafa enough. He is exceptionally talented in both the medical side and the art/beauty side. He consulted me without bias and advised on what would improve my looks and what wouldn't make a difference- regardless of whether it would've made him more money! I am absolutely over the moon with my results and will be a long term customer. I felt comfortable, totally relaxed and at ease during procedures. He's even helped me develop a skin care routine! I honestly cannot recommend Dr Mustafa enough- you won't get a better service, or a better result anywhere else. Trust me I've tried other places!
2 years ago
Never had fillers before and was a bit nervous about having it done. After searching reviews , so glad I went with Dr Mustafa. The subtle result I was looking for was exactly what I got. Dr Mustafa has a lovely manner and takes on board your concerns and expectations. Would highly recommend.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
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Aesthetics Guru at Excel Dental
The Lodge, 1a Cheadle Road

Are you frustrated with looking tired and more “mature” even though you look after your appearance well? You know that some improvements would make you feel amazing and much better in yourself. However, with all the choices available today, you aren’t sure which treatments are right for you and who to trust to deliver results.

Yet, despite this struggle, some people do manage to look amazing. Take Mrs Bennett for example. A 45 year old multiple business owner and mother of 2 from Manchester. For many years she tried the usual treatments like chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion and the “best” creams to hold back the aging process. She did what she was supposed to do but no change. However, with guidance, she did the right things for her and now feels more attractive and self-confident than she has done in years.

This was the thank you message she sent us after her treatment, “He can’t stop looking at me, thinks I look great. I’m really pleased! Even Niamh (daughter) said I look younger…so thank you X”

Mrs Bennett’s amazing results are not a mystery. You too can look amazing and feel more self-confident. In fact, I have over 4 years’ experience in helping people do just that and have seen amazing results, including;

  • Helping a lady in her 60s rejuvenate her beauty by smoothing out lines and wrinkles, redefining her jawline and freshening up her sunken eyes. This has helped her to look good for her new partner.
  • Helping a young professional enhance her lips and chin. Her look now exudes power and she became the best salesperson in her company.
  • Helping a mother in her 40s step out in confidence into social settings having sacrificed much of the last decade for her family. We refreshed her dull, lifeless skin and restored a youthful plump to her mid face.

Browse our services and if you see a treatment that would help you, buy your voucher and come see us!

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