The Treatwell Trend Report 2018-2019

What does the future of beauty look like?

Customers are spending more on their hair and beauty treatments than ever. By 2024, the worldwide salon industry will be worth an estimated £145 billion.

Plus, in an already fast-moving business with new trends coming and going thick and fast, entering an ever more digital-savvy, online world means big change – but big change means big opportunity.

To help you stay on top of what’s happening in your beauty industry, we’ve compiled this special report, based on our huge info database here at Treatwell.

You’ll learn about

  • The most popular beauty treatments of the past year
  • The biggest upcoming trends beauty consumers will soon be asking you for
  • What 2019’s new customer looks like


  • Keep tabs on what’s going on in your beauty industry in 2019
  • Get insight into what your customers really want to see
  • Plan for the year with confidence

Download the Treatwell Trend Report 2018-2019

Pacted with insight
  • The most popular beauty treatments of the past year
  • What 2019's new customer looks like