Here’s how to get more salon reviews (and then use them properly)

4 mins read

This one shouldn’t come as a shock – good reviews play a huge part in getting people to trust you with their hair and beauty. Your reputation’s important – on Treatwell, over 90% of bookings go to salons that have 21 or more customer reviews.

That’s particularly true right now. With concerns around COVID-19 going strong, a bank of good reviews are one of your best ways to boost client confidence when they’re booking you.

So, how do you get people reviewing you more and how can you make sure you’re getting the most out of them when they do?

Here are 5 things you can try to make sure you’re not missing out.

Don’t be afraid to ask (at the right time)

Step one? Make sure you’re actually asking. A customer might be incredibly happy with their experience at your salon but they’re also often busy – it might not occur to them to leave you a review without a slight nudge. It’s not rude to float the idea.

That said, when it comes to getting a great review, timing is everything. Too early and you might come off as pushy. Leave it too late and they’ll have already started to disengage, lowering your chances.

For salons, that perfect time is usually some time while they’re on their way out after a treatment’s gone really well and they feel great. Let them make the first move – if they make a positive comment in person or on social media afterwards, ask them politely if they’d like to leave you a review, and how much it would mean to you.

Pro-tip: Always ask for honesty – don’t try and lead them on by asking for a ‘good’ review. That way they won’t feel like you’re pressuring them, which might hurt your chances of getting those all-important stars.

Make it easy

Asking at the right time is all well and good, but you’ve also got to keep the process as painless as possible so they don’t give up halfway. Something as simple as a nice card they can fill out right there in-salon or a quick and easy-to-use form on your website will go a long way to pulling in more reviews – the fewer steps the better.

To make things extra smooth, give them a simple structure for how they can rate you: instead of just a blank comment box, splitting things out into a couple of different sections can help make their reviews more focused. Think small sections for ‘Stylist’, ‘Treatment’ and ‘Overall’.

If you’re a Treatwell partner, we’ll send your customers review requests automatically at the right time after their appointment, so you can grow your online reputation without having to lift a finger. Find out more.

Speaking of which…

Make sure you’re sharing

This one’s a no-brainer. Don’t be shy about shouting about a glowing review. It’s the ultimate seal of approval – not only did they enjoy their treatment, they enjoyed it enough to let everyone know, so share those stars with the world. New clients love to see a salon is trustworthy and professional before they book.

Social media is perfect for this (bonus points if you can personally tag the reviewer to say a big thank you), but it doesn’t have to stop at Instagram. Try including your best reviews on your website, in emails, in your window display… anywhere a client might decide to make a booking.

Pro-tip: Try to choose recent reviews (within the last few weeks) to promote. Posting reviews from last year might actually have the opposite effect on building trust.

Keep your staff motivated

It’s not just your clients who appreciate a good review. Share great customer feedback with your team, especially if they mention someone by name.

Recognising and celebrating good work is vital to your team enjoying their jobs and putting their best in – and it’s an easy way to let them know you’re noticing their hard work.

Learn from honest feedback (and respond publicly)

It’ll happen at some point – bad reviews are pretty much unavoidable for any business. Clients can be tough to please sometimes, and mistakes are a reality. But just because feedback is negative doesn’t mean it’s not valuable – quite the opposite.

Use bad reviews as learning experiences and pay close attention to which problems keep coming up – then take action to fix them. Very often, the most important feedback you’ll receive isn’t about what is working for your salon, but what isn’t.

There’s more than just a personal learning experience to be had, too. Responding publicly (as long as it’s polite and helpful) to bad reviews instead of trying to hide them shows how seriously you take complaints – and how invested you are in making sure clients have a good salon experience.