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Massage Offers & Deals  

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Massage: the ultimate unwinder. You’ll always feel better with fingertips kneading those knots, hot stones pressing on your pressure points and soothing aromas drifting across your bare skin. Go deep, go Swedish, go head or feet. Bring friends. Just recharge. Relax.

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Tried and Tested: Face the World signature facial

It was a sunny spring morning when I made my way to Karma Dental Care in Wandsworth to experience the Face the World signature facial. A holistic treatment involving sensory immersion in different cultures and environments, the unique facial was created by Lizzie Badger, whose background was in forensic science before she ventured into the beauty and wellness sphere.

During a subsequent meeting with Lizzie, I asked her what had inspired her to make such a dramatic change in career. Her answer was simple: work had made her stressed out, tired and ill, and she had booked a massage nearby to where she lived in an effort to relax. The Thai massage she had chosen blissed her out so much, that she got to thinking about treatments all around the world. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Lizzie's attention to detail is apparent and obviously a skill transferred from her forensic background to the realm of facials, for what you smell, feel and hear have been considered in great detail.

The first stage of the facial is the Rainforest Cleanse. There was a brief guided meditation to help me switch off from the outside world and get into the mindset of going on a journey during the treatment. The music then took me to the canopy of a tropical rainforest, with the most beautiful birdsong and emotive pipes. The product my therapist Ellie used was light, smelled amazing (green and fresh with a mix of citrus and peppermint) and is designed to hydrate whilst cleansing.

Moving on from the Amazon, the facial took my senses to Tibet. A pressure point and facial lymphatic massage were punctuated with bamboo flutes and resounding Tibetan singing bowls. On the olfactory front, the beautiful scents of musk, patchouli and nutmeg filled the air with exotic spices as Ellie performed a relaxingly rhythmic acu-massage. This stage is meant to remove stress and strain (particularly good for me, as I carry a lot of tension around my jaw) and actually sent me off into a deep trance – always the sign of a good treatment.

Next, the treatment moved to Australia for a little gentle exfoliation. The smell at this point was clean and rejuvenating; amazingly fresh red clay along with eucalyptus and bergamot essential oils. It was what I imagine the outback would smell like! The didgeridoo is synonymous with Australian heritage, and the introduction of its instantly recognisable sound blended perfectly with the scents. The exfoliation ensured my skin was clean, dead skin cells had been removed and the pores were receptive to the next stage of the treatment – the Ocean Rain mask.

As the soundtrack moved to crashing ocean waves and raindrops, a combination of algae extracts and aloe vera started to have a cooling effect on my skin. The gentle pattering of fingers felt like raindrops on my face and I found myself incredibly relaxed (quite possibly as it reminded me of my annual summer holidays to the Caribbean, one of the few times I completely switch off!)

The final stage of the treatment was the South Africa moisturising section. The soothing product used contains a beautiful floral bouquet of violets, Lily of the Valley and rambling rose and left my skin soft, dewy and glowing. I left Ellie with a deep sense of relaxation. A superb treatment for the skin, soul and senses.

From Alexander Technique to Thai Massage, you’ll find exactly the right body and soul treatment you’re looking for with Treatwell, and they’ll be right where you need them, too. Shoulder rub, acupressure or full body Swedish massage, find a full range of relaxing and indulgent is on Treatwell.
Massages can be luxurious without being expensive. A good massage should soothe your soul as well as your body, so check out our offers and relax. Treatwell's therapists, masseurs and spas offer the best value massage you can get.
Get pressed with hot stone massage. Unknot with a post-workout massage. Get up to speed with sports massage. Get hot with lava shells, deep tissue and hot oils. They’ve all been tried and tested – check our reviews, ratings and blogs on spa and massage before you book.