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Your new
        Dermalogica routine

A bit different to the usual, for unusual times. Here’s some guidance
on staying safe at your next appointment with Dermalogica’s Principles for Enhanced Service.


Pre-screening clients

And employees. For sickness and contact with anyone with the virus.

High risk?

Vulnerable or high risk groups
should avoid getting treatments.

Social distancing

Physical distancing will be
in place in all common areas.

PPE, please

Clients will need to wear masks in common areas. Therapists will wear clean PPE during every treatment.

Clean hands, not gloves

Regular, thorough washing of hands is the safest way.

Keep it clean

Cleaning and disinfecting all products, tools and surfaces before and after use. At least once an hour for high-touch surfaces.

Fresh linen

Beds are thoroughly cleaned with freshly laundered linen for each client.

No contamination

Clean and dirty items and tools are stored separately, to avoid contamination.

There's more where
              that came from


We've got stuff to read on what the salon will look like and - more importantly - what your skin will look like after your first facial appointment post-lockdown. You're welcome.


This is what your facial
       appointment will be like

You need to try this facial
if you love dewy skin

Face-mapping is like a                masterclass on your own skin



Glowing skin,

Did anyone actually keep up with *that*
Korean 10-step skincare routine we all started
at the beginning of lockdown? Didn't think so.
Probably time to hand it over to the pros.


Facial -Dermalogica ProSkin 60®

The ultimate treatment, different every time. Customised with advanced products, techniques and technology in a soothing environment made for relaxation.

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Dermalogica Face Mapping®

Dermalogica's patented Face Mapping dividesthe face into
14 unique zones to create the perfecttreatment and home
care prescription for every inch of your skin.

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