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Clean Ocean Cut


We know our planet is hurting right now. But, with so much going on in the world, it’s easy to feel helpless. Deadly oil spills appear as a news headline, or an Instagram story that you can choose to swipe by, because taking action just seems so out of reach. That’s why, when we chose to act, we made sure our sustainable movement could be joined by everyone – wherever you are, whatever your circumstances.

It’s not often a trip to the salon can double up as a proactive environmental move, but with the help of Coiffeurs Justes – a charity who use hair waste from salons to create filters that clean our oceans – we’ve found a way to make your monthly (weekly, annual haircut) into something that gives back.

It's called –
Clean Ocean Cut



And it's purpose?
Recycling your hair
to clean the oceans.

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How does it work
     (and why is it needed)?

Oil spills are tragic, killing marine life, and destroying their habitats too. To make it worse, the traditional ‘clean-up’ is expensive (and relatively ineffective – sometimes making the situation worse by adding more chemicals to the water). That’s where human hair comes in.

Its fibres are adsorbent (that’s different to absorbent). Water is repelled and oil sticks to it, soaking the oil out of the ocean. The best bit? Hair is a natural resource, easy to come by, obviously, and there’s a pretty unlimited supply. Which is where you, and your hair salon, come in.

Want to get involved?

Of course you do. Helping out is as easy as getting a haircut. The only thing you’ll need to do is find a participating salon (and we’ve sort of done that bit for you already).

Who are
    Coiffeurs Justes?

Our charity partner. Their name translates in English to ‘fair hairdressers’, and that’s the perfect description; an organisation who partner with salons to collect hair and create ocean-cleaning filters. The company was founded in 2015 by Thierry Gras.


Hair, really?
Like, human hair?

Yes, really. Let's go a little deeper into the facts: