The 5 things first-time waxing clients want to know (but are too afraid to ask)


With intimate waxing bookings increasing in popularity year after year, it’s become a bit of a growth industry for salons (excuse the pun). But – especially for first-time waxing clients – there can be a lot of questions that your customers are just too embarrassed to ask – and that can hold them back from booking.

So, for therapists looking to capitalise on the growing popularity of hair removal treatments across both genders, it’s incredibly important that you’re answering those questions your customers have to put them at ease well before they arrive at the salon, either on your website, email or via the phone, to give them the confidence they need to have a great wax – not to mention keep the experience as smooth as possible for you, too. (Okay. Couldn’t resist that one.)

From how naked they’ll need to get to how much it’ll hurt, these are the 5 key questions you need to make sure you’ve got an answer for when treating new waxing clients.


1. “Is it going to hurt?”

This is a big one for waxing newbies. Let’s face it, that first pull can sting, so make sure they’re prepared. You can reassure your client that a) the pain usually eases after a few sessions, and b) the results are definitely worth it. ​

Do say: “Don’t worry. It gets easier every time!”

Don’t say: “Come on, stop crying.”


2. “Do I need to strip off?”

While many of your clients may be cool with the clothes-removing thing, it always helps to address whether they need to or not straight up. State the facts and be specific. It’ll save any awkwardness – and that means a better experience for everyone involved.

Do say: “Let me know if you’re ever getting uncomfortable.”

Don’t say: “You can leave your hat on.”


3. “Should I shower first?”

It might seem obvious but you’d be amazed how often people aren’t sure. If your salon offers shower facilities for clients – a great way to ensure they’re fresh for waxing – let them know that, too. Either way, just be sure to keep some hygiene wipes to hand, and subtly suggest a shower for next time. ​

Do say: “It’s usually a bit easier just after a shower.”

Don’t say:Bleurgh!


4. “Do I need to trim?”

If the body hair’s veering too much towards the thick side for the wax strips to grip, you may need to trim it first. That’s not usually a problem for clients, but make sure to explain what you’re doing and why – it’ll help to ensure their hair is at the right length next time. ​

Do say: “About the length of an eyebrow hair – that’s the perfect length.”

Don’t say: “Hang on. I’ll get the shears.”


5. “Won’t the hair come back thicker?”

While the hair might appear thicker as it grows back, hair follicles actually become weaker over time. This means that in reality, the hair is getting thinner. It’s also the perfect opportunity to suggest that they book their next appointment for a month’s time. Savvy.

Do say: “Don’t worry – that’s a bit of a myth.”

Don’t say: “Just avoid the full moon.”


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