Partner profile: Ian, CV Hair & Beauty

With decades of experience running successful salons, Ian is the director of CV Hair & Beauty in Bloomsbury, London. He joined Treatwell way back in 2008 when the financial crisis impacted his business.


Why did you choose to Partner with Treatwell?

We started using Treatwell when the financial crisis left my salon rather vulnerable.

I liked the fact we could control our prices, discounting only in our quiet periods, as opposed to the ‘daily deal’ sites that were around at the time.

Treatwell absolutely kept us in business – we got new clients and they kept coming back.


Did you face any challenges?

As the years went by, we got better and better at using Treatwell but we were also working with a software system that wasn’t 100 percent compatible. It meant I constantly had to be near a computer to book the Treatwell clients into our system.

One day, when I was driving round the M25 and found myself having to stop and find a computer I could log into to transfer the data, I decided enough was enough.



What was it like switching fully to Treatwell?

Switching to Treatwell Connect from my existing software could not have been easier.

Treatwell came to my salon and helped me download all the important info from my old system and migrate it into Connect, and then showed me how to unlock all the Treatwell Connect features from day one, like automatically sending appointment reminders to my clients and invitations to re-book.


How has working with Treatwell changed your business?

Treatwell Connect has cut my workload enormously. I can see what’s happening in my salon in seconds, wherever in the world I am.

And my favourite thing of all is waking up every morning to see appointments booked and money flowing into my till!




Learn more about how Treatwell could help you work beautifully, every single day. Whether it’s getting noticed, getting booked, getting repeats or getting organised, Treatwell has all the tools you need to build a brighter business. Find out more today.

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