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Body treatments

Body treatments  

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Take your body back to beautiful. Time it had a treat, don’t you think? Reward your body in every way you want, from saunas, steam and tans to body wraps and acupuncture. There are so many ways to say thanks to your body. All on Treatwell.

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Beauty DIY: the 'butt facial'

Thanks to New York esthetician Molly Lamb and a persisting trend for ‘belfies’ (that’s bum selfies if you didn’t know), the next big beauty treatment to hit our shores might well be the 'butt facial'.

Yes you read that right, the butt facial – which presumably takes inspiration from the back facial, with a more southerly focus – has been causing a stir over in the Big Apple, ever since Lamb introduced New Yorkers to her ‘Shiney Hiney’ treatment.

Designed to treat acne on the bottom, the Shiney Hiney facial is an exfoliating treatment that uses steam and extraction to smooth the skin on the bum and upper thighs. It costs $65 a session and is proving a real hit with New York residents who are unsatisfied with what their mama gave them and feel their derrière could do with some TLC.

Where New York leads, London is sure to follow, but if you can’t wait for the treatment to make its way to Blighty, or can’t fork out £40-£50 a session, here are some top tips for a top bottom...


Regular exfoliation not only helps with surface problems like dry skin and spots, it also help with troubles below the surface like cellulite. Caused by a build-up of fat deposits (which we all have), excess fluids and broken down connective tissue, cellulite dimples (which sound a lot cuter than they are) can be lessened by massaging a scrub into affected areas to break down fatty deposits and loosen fluid. We love Caudalie Vinotherapie Crushed Cabernet Scrub (£20.45,, which uses grape-seeds to reduce orange peel (as well as brown sugar, honey and six organic essentials oils).


Dry body brushing (which Miranda Kerr does everyday) helps increase circulation, which encourages the removal of waste from the body, including toxins that can cause cellulite. The brushing action can also help soften fat deposits under the surface and distribute them more evenly. Brushing will also get rid of dry skin cells, taking you one step closer to that ‘shiney hiney’ everyone’s aiming for. Best of all, a good brush will last you for years and the Body Shop sells them for just £8.


No facial (even of the butt variety) would be complete without moisturisation, and when it comes to the posterior there are almost as many moisturising option as there are for the face. If you are worried about acne-like symptoms affecting your back or bottom area then speak to your GP about which moisturiser to use to avoid aggravating your skin. Or if, like so many of us at this time of year, you’re more concerned with firming up the area in question, try a skin tightening cream that also nourishes. We’re big fans of the cost-effective Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturiser (£4.99 from Boots). Or, to add an element of luxury to your DIY bum facial (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write), go for Decleor’s Aroma Dynamic Circulagel Refreshing Toning Gel for Legs (£25.50, which smells amazing and tingles just enough to let you know it’s doing something.

Love your body. Treat it right. Deserve better. Sauna, scrub or spray tan, and everything in between: you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for because we’re the largest network of salons and treatment centres in Europe. That means more places near you – just when you need them.
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