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Bare Escentuals Make Under

From: Toddstar's Tried and Tested,

Bare Escentuals Make Under

I think it is fair to say that I have been blessed with great skin. Trust me I wasn't on the receiving end of many other great attributes when the great man was dishing them out, I have the behind to prove it! But in the skin department he was indeed on the kind side and for that I am truly thankful.

I suppose it could be because I have good skin that I haven't really bothered to take much care of it; it has sort of taken care of itself over the years. But as I edge closer and closer to the wrong side of 40 and I start to see signs of sun damage, lines and creases, I begin to wish perhaps I had started to do something rather earlier than just now!

As some of you will know I recently was lucky enough to spend some time with personal stylist Lisa Talbot, when we visited Donna Ida for some jeans. Here I learnt how to make the best of my body shape and dress it in the most flattering way in the nation’s favourite garment. This was an amazing experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.

But quite rightly Lisa doesn't stop there, she truly believes that “it’s not just clothes alone that make you look good and feel great." You can eat the right things and dress to impress, but the one thing that speaks a thousand words, or million or two in my case, is your face. Not only should we be looking after it and caring for it in the same way as we care about what we put into our bodies, but we should learn to use the right styles and colours to compliment our natural features. So when Lisa invited me along to the Bare Escentuals Boutique in Windsor, I jumped at the chance.

The Windsor boutique takes pride of place in the Windsor Royal Station and is lucky enough to have ceiling to floor windows on three sides offering a fantastic amount of natural daylight to flood in. Teamed with vintage mirrors, chandeliers and sumptuous stools, the boutique can only be described as luxuriously plush with a naturally warm and friendly atmosphere. I couldn't help but notice the numerous carousels of hundreds of different shades of products and I could feel the excitement building up inside me like a child in a candy shop!

I was extremely lucky to have my Bare Escentuals Make Under by their very own European Make-Up artist Sarah-Jane Froom (SJ), who also presents Bare Escentuals products on the QVC Beauty Channel. SJ went through the different options for skin care but as I had already boldly walked through Windsor fresh faced and make-up free, we quickly were able to move on to the exciting part!

Here is a step by step guide of what we did:

1. First things first SJ was keen to impress the importance of a primer which helps to hide the appearance open pores and fine lines and create a more even base.

2. We then moved on to the application of the bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. Now this stuff is like the texture of silk in a powder. She simply sprinkled a dusting into the lid. Swirling the brush into the lid to pick up the minerals she gently tapped the excess off before buffing in circular movements onto the face. You could be mistaken in thinking that you need more than you actually do. This stuff goes for miles. It’s all about the buffing!

SJ asked me to have a go under her close supervision. I found this incredibly helpful as I knew that having practised in the boutique I would be confident applying this at home. I found the sensation of buffing with the brush very relaxing, smooth and tingly, unlike my previous attempts at trying to apply cream foundations dragging it all over my face with a sponge.

3. SJ then introduced me to one of their bisque concealers which gives you a little more coverage and brighten and lifts the complexion in any problem areas you might have. Again this is done with the buffing of a small quantity of product. We had now taken my skin back to a blank canvas, taking the colour out of the skin where you don't want it.

It was now time to add a bit of warmth to where the skin would gain a natural glow from the sun. We used bareMinerals Warmth buffing onto my forehead, down onto the cheek and jawline, neck and chest area. Again SJ supervised my application so I could do it at home. Like anything the best way to learn is to actually do it and applying make-up is no different.

4. The final step at this stage was to apply the Mineral Veil, which we buffed over the whole complexion to hide any fine lines and soak up excess oil giving me a flawless airbrushed look. You could actually leave your make up at this stage for a really beautiful, natural look but I was treated to a "smoky look" with translucent ivory over the whole of the lid blended with plum colours from the bareMinerals Eyecolour range applied expertly by SJ.

For my lips she used one of the Buxom Lip Polishes. Wow what an amazing product! When applied you get a tingly cooling sensation resulting fuller, more volumous lips giving you the perfect pout! It really works!

5. I had the most amazing morning with Lisa and SJ and the team at the Windsor Boutique and I actually came out of there walking taller! I felt good I looked good and thought I could pretty much take on the world with my new look. The big thing for me is that I didn't want to feel "made up" and I can honestly say I didn't. All the products feel as light as a feather on my skin and as soft as silk giving a really natural coverage for an everyday look which was so easy to apply giving me a truly flawless complexion. I am still amazed that this silk like powder has an SPF of 15!

Not only is the product great but I felt that I had got so much more than just new skin care and make up. I actually felt like I had become part of a community, I know exactly where I will be headed from now on! This experience has opened up a whole new world to me, whose idea of make-up was a waft of pressed powder, a squeeze of lippy and a stab in the dark with eyeliner. For hardly any extra time I can create so much more! I just can’t wait to try it out at home.

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