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Worry - time to quit an emotional addiction

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Worry - time to quit an emotional addiction

Worrying is one of the most prevalent thought addictions, keeping us stuck in a state of disarray. A particular worry will become a repetitive thought pattern which we accept as part of our day to day life.

Do you find yourself worrying about what might happen? The “what ifs’?” Do you have a constant niggle of fear and worry buzzing through you that is so deeply embedded it’s take n for granted?

This has become ingrained in many people, to the extent of the initial worry diminishing, instantly being replaced by another.

Worry is a form of anxiety that soon becomes a cumbersome habit, all too often becoming an emotional addiction.

Without worry it is likely you will initially feel restless, that something is missing and begin to search for that feeling again – here the vicious circle continues.

Take time out to consider what benefits there are to worrying? What do you get from it? You might initially think that’s preposterous, how can there be a benefit to worrying? Then, I wonder, why are we spending so much of our all-too-short life engaging in avoidable discomfort and woe?

Over the years the mind has become trained to seek out worries, we might choose to accept this as an intrinsic part of our make up. For a moment though imagine how different your life would be without it. Would you feel happier? Free to make better decisions? More confident and positive?

Worry is a signpost informing us that we believe, at some level, we have not adequately prepared for the future.

We can’t worry about the past – it is done. We can’t worry about the present – it is here. We can never foretell the future

Follow this simple strategy to move away from worry and towards a happier life:

  • Identify exactly what you are worrying about – be specific.
  • Ask yourself, honestly, “What is the worse that can happen in this imagined future?”
  • What actions do you need to take to know you have done all you can to manage this future possibility?
  • What has stopped you taking these steps?
  • Act now and know you have now done all you can with these circumstances.
  • Move on to focus your attention on something positive you would like to achieve!

Having taken a worry and applied the above strategy you might be shocked to find another fear immediately takes it’s place. Why? Because your mind has been set on a ‘continuous worry program’.

Whilst we are using precious time and energy worrying, we are not in a place to be constructive, positive and create the best future. The minute we take control of a specific worry, applying focus to new thoughts, actions and achievements we feel optimistic, empowered and able to move forward.

Now imagine the difference to your well-being and outcomes if worry was not holding you back. What would you do that you currently feel unable to do? Can you imagine walking through life knowing you are in control and free of this invisible weight?

Your mind is re-programmed amazingly quickly. Life-long worriers can be transformed in just six weeks using these simple steps. They require tenacity and conscious awareness – as breaking any habit does ….. How much of your world is currently blighted by incessant worry and the effort that takes? Apply your old worrying time and energy to action and watch your life transform!

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