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Fibs and facts of exercise and weight loss

From: Soraya Emment's Blog,

Fibs and facts of exercise and weight loss
  • Fib: Exercising alone is enough to lose weight.
  • Fact: Exercise helps burn extra calories but to lose weight it is essential to engage on both, exercise and nutrition.
  • Fib: Aerobics exercises such as jogging, cycling, swimming, boxing, etc… are better ways to lose weight than weight training.
  • Fact: The combination of both types of training works better than each of them alone.
  • Fib: Weight training makes women look muscular and masculine.
  • Fact: Weight training develops body awareness, muscle tone, good posture, and elegant bodies and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Fib: Working out at low intensity for a long period is great to burn body fat faster.
  • Fact: For optimal fat burning moderate to high intensity exercises are the best.
  • Fib: Skipping breakfast and other meals is the best way to lose weight.
  • Fact: Skipping meals slows down the body’s metabolism preventing weight loss.
  • Fib: Sweating during exercise is dirty and filthy.
  • Fact: Sweating is not dirty; on the contrary it is essential to keep the body cool and functioning efficiently during exercise.
  • Fib: Exercising early in the morning with an empty stomach is great to burn more fat.
  • Fact: Exercising with an empty stomach will only fatigue the muscles faster and therefore burn fewer calories during the training session.
  • Fib: A few units of alcohol per week will not interfere with exercise and weight loss plans.
  • Fact: Alcohol dehydrates the body and sabotages any weight loss and exercise programmes.
  • Fib: Exercising once or twice a week is plenty for health and fitness.
  • Fact: Exercising once or twice a week is recommended for health but not for fitness.
  • Fib: Performing hundreds of abdominal exercises is recommended to flatten one’s abs.
  • Fact: Performing cardio, weight training, and postural exercises in combination with a healthy eating plan is the only way to flatten one’s abs.
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Soraya has inspired many individuals to engage in exercise as a new way of living. Soraya is motivated, passionate, enthusiastic and inspirational. Her love for health, fitness and wellbeing combined with her knowledge in the field of exercise and sport has been her trade mark.

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