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Making yourself a top priority

From: HypnoBlog,

Making yourself a top priority

I havenʼt written this blog for a couple of weeks, what with half term and then being unbelievably busy for the two weeks after, because of half term. I just havenʼt had time.

Well, I could have made time, but only at the expense of something else. And those other things were simply a priority.

Now, Iʼm certainly not an expert in time management (Iʼll leave that to the amazing Allison Mitchell, check out her book 'Time Management for Manic Mums' if you need any help on that front), though I do spend quite a lot of my time with clients talking about priorities.

Itʼs really important when you want to change your behaviour that you make it a top priority.

For example, thereʼs little point in trying to lose weight if youʼre really busy at work or if you know that youʼve got a really busy social life planned. You just wonʼt have the time and mental energy to dedicate to yourself to allow your new way of eating (your new behaviour) to properly cement itself in your life. And the same applies to any behavioural change we want to make - smoking, eating, exercising, spending more time with the family - you have to really want to make the change or you wonʼt make it.

Think of it like a running marathon, now if youʼve got any sense you wouldnʼt anticipate running a marathon without doing any training. Well, making changes to your behaviour requires a similar amount of ʻtrainingʼ and you have to make your goal a top priority because if you donʼt itʼs all too easy to get side-tracked. If running the marathon is a top priority, youʼll get up and run rain or shine; if itʼs not youʼll find the duvetʼs charms impossible to resist.

Only you can decide whether your goal is a top priority or not and whether itʼs the right time in your life to make the changes you need to make to achieve it. And when you have and it is, here are some ways to help you get enough time for your ʻtrainingʼ so youʼve got the best chance of success:

  • Work out how much time you think you need on a weekly and daily basis for your ʻtrainingʼ. (For example when losing weight you might need time to plan your meals once a week, to listen to a hypnosis CD every day and keep your food diary after every meal).
  • Put this time in your diary and allow a little bit extra (things always take longer than we think they will).
  • Consider this time with yourself as precious as ... tea with the Queen, a date with Brad Pitt or a night out with your best friend. Itʼs something youʼd never consider cancelling (yes, you are that important). Look forward to it with as much excitement (yes, you really are that special).
  • This time for you is a number one priority; much more important than doing the washing up.
  • Something else may need to be sacrificed to make the time, after all there is a finite number of hours in the week. So think about what you could happily and easily sacrifice to make the time you need for yourself. It should be easy to find things that are less of a priority than achieving your goal (Eastenders, facebook, ironing the tea towels)?

And, itʼs amazing how easy it is to make changes to our lives and our behaviour when we make ourselves and our goals a top priority and then give ourselves the time we need to do what we need to do to achieve them.

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