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Coaching and wellness

From: Empowered Living,

Coaching and wellness

What impact is the spa and wellness industry having and about to have on the course of human history? What is driving humanity worldwide to spend billions on adding years to life and life to years?

People who want to take care of themselves often go to spas and wellness centres. Many also think that a massage or facial will get rid of their underlying stresses and/or illness/disease too. Disease and health are commonly thought of as distinct opposites. Let’s look at “dis-ease”, however, in a new light – as a healthy response to an organism striving to maintain physical, psychological and spiritual equilibrium. Not something to necessarily be avoided, blocked, or suppressed. Could transforming the very paradigm of “illness” into one of wellness, and transforming stress into one of “presence”, change the future potential of humanity? Can we truly understand the significance and grandeur of such a serving industry?

This search for happiness and youthfulness in life is astounding. Many people feel there is something “wrong” in their lives – perhaps in their relationships, environment, or job, etc, and often become ill as a result. Some of these illnesses are depression, cancer, or heart disease for example, and can be called “diseases of meaning”. Most people have imbalanced perceptions i.e. infatuations or resentments, with their accompanying rigid emotions. These rigid and lopsided emotions are gravitational and can age you.

The World Health Organisation states that “diseases of meaning” will continue well into the next millennium to be the major cause of suffering and death worldwide. It would be wise to address the reasons these diseases arise in the first place.

Emotions are a “by-product” of imbalanced perceptions. A lot of people today are striving for “happiness”. If you look at the self-help section of any major bookshop – its shelves are groaning with best-sellers like “Infinite Happiness”, “Absolute Happiness”, “Happiness Is Your Destiny” etc. In the 1840s, the Scottish curmudgeon, Thomas Carlyle, was perhaps right to suspect that this new doctrine of happiness tended to raise unrealistic expectations and his perception is still spot on today. Living standards and life expectancy are better than ever and a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry provides chemical solutions to gloomy moods. Are we, however, really any happier now than years ago?

Expecting yourself to be always positive more than negative is the largest delusion and biggest cause of depression! Negativity can not be got rid of – its purpose is to awaken the mind to our unhealthy expectations and fantasies – unhealthy expectations on ourselves, our partners, our children, etc.

Our body, nutrients, physiology and mind are all working together. It is no use going to a gym or a spa to get “fit” and/or “healthy” if our minds are still imbalanced. If we detoxify our bodies, but not our minds, we will still be acidic and toxic and our bodies and faces will show this.

Public health policies and medical science have enabled people in affluent cultures to survive acute threats to health, only to go on to suffer chronic physical and psychiatric illness and the prolongation of life, irrespective of its quality.

Amongst these globally prevalent dis-eases, depression is perhaps the most graphic paradigm example. According to the World Health Organisation, unipolar major depression will be the world’s second most debilitating disease by 2020, eclipsed only by heart disease. The rising prevalence of depression feeds a $7 billion market for antidepressant drugs. Some psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies are in league together, literally making BILLIONS between themselves whilst drugging the hell out of people for absolutely no real reasons at all!! – including many children and teenagers who are now on drugs for life if they don’t commit suicide as a side-effect beforehand!

A lot of depression is caused by a person’s “fantasy” of how they think the world, or their life, should be and if you actually look at this in depth – you realise it’s not even realistically attainable. If perceptions can be transformed,- either by one’s self, or perhaps by Coaching,- a totally different healing scenario emerges.

Why is it, that in the most advanced, affluent, educated, and liberal era of history, people are ill with chronic and largely incurable diseases?! A change in perception of meaning can totally transform people and thereby improve their health, wellness, relationships, etc.etc.

Quite often people perceive these “dis-eases” as “failures”, when in fact they are opportunities to learn and grow not only physiologically, but more importantly in being and understanding. There is no thought, feeling, or perception without a molecular and chemical reaction and change in the body.

Memory and imagination (all perceptions based on one’s own individual “values”/priorities) store illusions and thereby create disease. Part of the aging process is a feedback system to the body to let you know you are living your delusion.

Each person has about 60,000 thoughts a day – the problem arises when you believe them all!!

There is an underlying equilibrium in the world (and in all events). Any absolute statements we make in a relative world i.e. “never” and “always” (“he was always mean to me”; “she was never kind to me”), deny this equilibrium. As a result of a person having these extreme perceptions (mis-perceptions?), cells in the body are affected and some cancers can occur.

All events are full quantum – i.e. positive and negative. (It depends how a person evaluates them based on their own individual values). Some psychology, sociology, and theology, impose the assumption you can have a one-sided world – i.e. happiness at all times. (Looking for this one-sided world only, is also often the cause of infidelity and many affairs).

You might like to test it for yourself – if you are constantly seeking support (ie in a Relationship perhaps) – you will attract challenge; if you are seeking only protection, you will attract violence; if you are seeking only peace, you will attract conflict; if you are constantly seeking pleasure, you will attract pain.

Because most people oscillate between injecting the “values” of perceived authorities (ie, parents, school, society, church etc) into their lives, they end up envying, imitating and living their lives with the “shoulds”, “supposed tos” and “ought tos” of others. Or – they end up attempting to get others to live lives according to their “shoulds”, “supposed tos” and “ought tos”.

Wellness is not, therefore, just the food you eat, the exercises you do, or the spa treatments you have. It also includes your perceptions, emotions, and lifestyle.

Coaching and wellness, therefore, would be ideal, for those who value beauty, physical health, mental equilibrium, and overall total wellbeing.

If you go to a spa and have a wonderful facial and full-body massage, you will have some moments of pleasure. For long term “fulfilment”, however, it would be wise to stop searching for a lopsided illusion and to balance both the body AND the mind.

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Susan Dellanzo is an International Transformation Coach & Speaker who inspires others to live a more fulfilling life. Susan has had a lifelong passion in the areas of human behaviour, personal development, health, fitness, and lifestyle. In particular she is interested in mind, body, and soul, and has spent a lifetime observing how people interact between each other owing to their self imposed limited beliefs. An author, speaker, mother and wife who loves to travel and teach internationally as well as nationally.

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