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How to treat hay fever with homeopathy

From: A Touch Of Medicine,

How to treat hay fever with homeopathy

Brilliant! The sun is shining, the birds are all twittering and the blossom is out. Happiness for many, misery for plenty.

Hay fever, that well documented ailment that blights many a spring and summer, is starting out its eye-watering journey through the year. It’s a strangely named condition, as neither hay allergy nor a fever are traits – instead, the common enemy is pollen and the symptoms are varied.

From endless sneezing to itchy eyes, from impaired breathing to runny noses, this common allergy is a real pain.

If your symptoms have started early (usually early to mid march), the chances are your culprit is tree pollen, namely the birch. Thanks to its innocent looking catkins, the yellow powdered pollen floats imperceptibly through the air, until it reaches the noses of sufferers - triggering a cascade of immune responses.

Seeing this minute particle as an invader, your immune system floods the body with histamine, which causes the variety of symptoms we know and definitely don't love in an attempt to rid the body of the enemy.

Moving on through the year, as the trees have finished pollinating, the grasses add their heady pollen mix into the air and up our noses and, if you're one of the unlucky ones, you'll be sensitive to this too - generally meaning two thirds of your year are spent in a constant battle between your body's responses and your need to conduct your everyday life.

At the moment, hay fever is big business. With millions of sufferers (1 in 5, according to studies) there's a big, desperate market for antihistamines, costing us plenty of money each year.

You will be relieved to hear, then, that there are a number of other ways in which to help yourself this year - one of which is homeopathy.

The following remedies have been very successful in my family, as well as in my practice - although please consult a practitioner to make sure you're getting the right treatment, as with all homeopathic treatment. The more the remedies match you and your symptoms, the more success you will have.

Homeopathic remedies:

Tree pollen - for those early sufferers

Mixed pollen and grasses - for those who have it all season

Allium cepa - burning, watering eyes

Natrum mur - watery eyes that don't sting and nasal discharge like egg white

Pulsatilla - yellowy, green bland discharges from eyes and or nose

Sabadilla - think sneezing with this one

There are more but these are the most common, and with bottles containing 100 doses for less than a fiver, it would be well worth your while to give it a go!

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I am owner of A Touch Of Medicine, a business which provides natural alternatives and advice for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

My career choices have been made entirely based on previous successful treatment of my family and me and the general stubbornness of wanting to find out how and why!

I come from a very personal and passionate position regarding the treatments I do, in particular the invaluable treatment of children through homeopathy and the ‘why did I ever carry on in pain?’ massage treatments.

My idea is to blog about things that make us healthy - not just treatments but reminders of things long forgotten, such as the uplifting power of a walk in the woods or the restorative properties of the art of doing nothing!

I hope you enjoy.

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